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Monday, June 21, 2010

Citrus Summer Four Pack ~ Handcrafted Bar Soap

We just had a fresh soap pour at Circle Creek Home and decided to bring summer in with a Citrus Twist!

Our Citrus Summer Four Pack includes:

~ Sweet Orange Clove ~ Fresh Lemon Verbena ~ Citrus Lime Zip ~ Sweet Mango Papaya ~

The smell of all of these wonderful scents is swirling around the house here at Circle Creek Home, smells like summer! All of our soap is made fresh from scratch in small batches and poured into wooden molds. We do not add oxide for color, we prefer the rich golden color of the natural oils. Handcrafted and hand cut by us every time and allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days to assure a high quality, longer lasting bar.

To purchase the Citrus Summer Four Pack click into our shop Circle Creek Home, the shipping is FREE. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy summer, John and Brenda


Ormolulu said...

Hi you two . . . see ya this weekend at the Tailgate (we'll be up at the crack of dawn too). Gotta get some of that sweet soap!

Debi & Jim