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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coastal Living Magazine Love's Circle Creek Homes Vintage-Style Step Stools

We are so excited to be in the March 2012 Issue of Coastal Living Magazine!

We have been using a vintage step stool for years to reach those high shelves in our kitchen and thought it would be a great idea to pass this along. Each step stool is handcrafted by us in our workshop and fashioned after one of our vintage finds. Small enough to be tucked up against the end of your island or cupboard but just right when you want to reach that box of oats on the top shelf. A great addition in the bathroom for children to reach the sink to wash their hands and or brush their teeth. 

Each step stool is unique depending on age and texture of wood. We hand make and paint each step stool to order. Each one is weathered and rubbed with Linseed Oil after completion to give them a smooth aged look. 

We have 4 Styles and 12 Colors to choose from. Find our Vintage Style Steps Stools in our Etsy Shop

Thank you Wendy Nutting for the feature on your wonderful blog From Lemons to Limoncello we love it!
      John and Brenda