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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wildcrafting in Mazama

We headed over to Mazama for the weekend to recharge and do some wild crafting. The air was crisp and the sound of the river made for a perfect setting to build a Pine Wreath. 

First we gathered plenty of Pine Boughs, some with Pine Cones still attached.................
Then we started wiring the Pine Boughs on the wreath base working our way around.............

Here we are wiring
boughs around
the wreath base.
This is a large base
about 30 inches which
makes about a 36
inch wreath when

 Here is the completed Pine Bough Wreath! 
Makes a beautiful Holiday statement, hung outside the wreath will last through the season. 
We'll have a few of these at our upcoming vintage sale,  2nd Saturdayz...hope to see you there!
John and Brenda