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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vintage Style Step Stools Handmade by Circle Creek Home

Vintage Style Step Stool No. 2 in White

 A few years ago we were out looking for vintage finds and came across a couple of vintage step stools.  We used them in the bathroom and in the kitchen and found it was much easier to reach the top shelf with the step stool and didn't have to boost ourselves up on the counter anymore...imagine that! Then we started using them in the bathroom for our friends kids to reach the sink for hand washing and brushing their teeth...again how fun is that! Kids wanted to hang out in the bathroom at our house and wash their hands by themselves because they could. So we decided to reproduce these classic vintage step stools right down to the finish. We started selling them on and they took off. We now ship 30 to 40 step stools a month all over the world and have the pleasure of working and communicating with so many wonderful people, we love it!

Check out for a fun giveaway of one of our No. 1, 2 or 3 style step stools in the color of your choice. Tracie Fish is the wonderful person behind  she has an amazing blog and an over the top style. Be sure to become a follower of her blog so you don't miss all of her fun ideas and giveaways! Thank you Tracie.

John and Brenda

Vintage Style Step Stool No. 3 in Aqua
Vintage Style Step Stool No. 1 in Sky