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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hunting for Treasure: ALWAYS!

So it was a lazy Saturday morning at Circle Creek we had some coffee and breakfast while watching the ducks do their morning float and a young deer was trying to cross but decided to turn back as the creek was up from the nights heavy rain. We were printing soap labels and stamping and wrapping bars of soap for a re-stock up at Reality a great Women's boutique in Conway, WA.

Conway was bustling with people as the tulip festival was starting, there were lots of motorcycles out on this sunny day. Once we were done there we were off in search for treasure a stop outside of Burlington produced three nice Ironstone china platters and the next place just down the road had some old enamelware tubs and a cool old typewriter.

We headed over to our friend Donna's place to watch a movie and she always comes through with some great finds, this time it was four old wood boxes, 7-UP and Pepsi. We did dig out an old grate and some other odds and ends out of her pile and oh a great free chair on the side of the road what a fabulous day of treasure hunting. I picked up the table at a thrift store on Friday. Watch for these groovy vintage items at our upcoming sales and at our Etsy shop.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Vintage Tag Sale!

We are so excited, Spring is here and so are the tag sales!! 

Circle Creek Home attended the Annual Green Bank Farm Tag Sale on Whidbey Island in Washington State this weekend. What a sale, they were lined up at the door just waiting to get in. We scored a vintage iron table and chair set and now have to figure out where put it, it's a keeper. The best part was on the way home when we stopped at Island Recycling, you won't believe what we found....stay tuned and check out our shop for some of the finds. After Island Recycling we hit an Estate Sale, scored some cool sea foam green pottery soon to be in the shop.

Circle Creek Home has two upcoming sales scheduled for May and June. We'll have a few of the vintage wood potting benches in the pic above at our sales and check back for more info and a peak at some of the vintage finds that will be there too!

John and Brenda

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Find of the Week or Maybe the Month! Follow Up!

Circle Creek Home won the contest of best Flea Market Find with our "Find of the week or Maybe the Month!" Thanks so much Junk Fest and Flea Market Style for all of your fabulous Junking, we love it!

Check out our original blog below about our best flea market find, you wont believe it. Stay tuned for more vintage goods and check our our Etsy Shop for some of the finds we're letting go! John and Brenda

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fresh Pour

We love making soap here at Circle Creek Home. We just poured Sweet Orange Clove and Just Tea Tree Soap, tomorrow we'll cut the blocks of soap into 24 bars which weigh approximately 6 ounces each. Then the bars will be on the drying rack and allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days to assure a quality longer lasting bar of soap.

We use the cold process method made from the finest oils in small batches, never from a base. Each batch is poured into wooden molds and takes approximately 24 hours to set up before cutting into bars. Handcrafted and hand cut by us every time! Right down to the label and wrapping of the bar, the soap bands were designed, printed, hand stamped and cut by us at Circle Creek Home.

The Sweet Orange Clove and Just Tea Tree will arrive in our shop in a few weeks but we have several other scents available now. You will find our shop at Circle Creek Home take a look, once you try a 100 % pure oil soap made from scratch you'll never go back!

John and Brenda

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Find of the Week or Maybe the Month!

I was cruising down the road in my trusty Pacifica heading to a customers office to pick up some documents on Monday and I spotted a G-Sale sign! My first instinct was that it was a leftover from the weekend but I had to turn and see and lo and behold it was on! I started to check it out and a rough looking lady minus a couple of teeth said "how you doing darling?" I rummaged through some boxes and there it was a very dirty matte white vase of the Haeger variety but unmarked. I held it up and asked "how much?" "fifty cent" she replied SOLD!

It cleaned up perfectly and is on the window sill filled with a beautiful bouquet of tulips. I said "this was the find of the day" and Brenda said "no the find of the month" being that it was only the first I thought that was a bold statement. So remember to check those signs out even on a Monday.