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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vintage Style Step Stools Handmade by Circle Creek Home

Vintage Style Step Stool No. 2 in White

 A few years ago we were out looking for vintage finds and came across a couple of vintage step stools.  We used them in the bathroom and in the kitchen and found it was much easier to reach the top shelf with the step stool and didn't have to boost ourselves up on the counter anymore...imagine that! Then we started using them in the bathroom for our friends kids to reach the sink for hand washing and brushing their teeth...again how fun is that! Kids wanted to hang out in the bathroom at our house and wash their hands by themselves because they could. So we decided to reproduce these classic vintage step stools right down to the finish. We started selling them on and they took off. We now ship 30 to 40 step stools a month all over the world and have the pleasure of working and communicating with so many wonderful people, we love it!

Check out for a fun giveaway of one of our No. 1, 2 or 3 style step stools in the color of your choice. Tracie Fish is the wonderful person behind  she has an amazing blog and an over the top style. Be sure to become a follower of her blog so you don't miss all of her fun ideas and giveaways! Thank you Tracie.

John and Brenda

Vintage Style Step Stool No. 3 in Aqua
Vintage Style Step Stool No. 1 in Sky

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ruffles & Rust 2011 Hunting - Gathering - Creating

Circle Creek has been hunting, gathering and creating for The Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market Show. You will see over 90 amazing spaces filled with gorgeous displays, one of a kind vintage finds and new and inspiring ideas to take home with you. Show starts Friday October 21 from 5-8 p.m. for early shopping and all day Saturday. Visit the link above for directions and more information.

Here's a peak of what we've been up to.................

Vintage Shopping Cart planted with Fall Cabbage..........
Weathered White Dresser.......

Autumn Maple Leaf Wreaths

Laurel Wreaths, Locker Baskets and Vintage Bird Prints.

Hope to see you there, John and Brenda

Friday, September 16, 2011

Soap Classes at Pine Creek Nursery

Circle Creek is heading to Pine Creek Nursery tomorrow to teach some folks how to make soap. We have a class that starts at 1:00 and then another at 3:30, if you would like to attend  give them a call there might be a spot or two left. We pour all natural vegan soap in small batches to assure quality and sustainability and will walk you through the entire process.

Tea Tree Lavender

 If you haven't been to Pine Creek Nursery you're missing out! Not only do they have all of your planting and gardening needs covered but their gift store has some of the most unique finds made by amazing artisans. of the items you'll find is our hand poured soap and our newest scent will be in their shop tomorrow Tea Tree Lavender with ground Oatmeal. One of the most amazing soaps we have ever poured! Proven to clear almost any kind of skin condition. We recommend using it in the shower every day and you'll be back for more guaranteed. Many other scents are available at Pine Creek too, Peppermint Tea Tree, Orange Clove, Lemon Grass, Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Gardner's Scrub & Citrus Lime.

Hope to see you there, John & Brenda

Bright & Earthy Lemon Grass

Peppermint Tea Tree Hand Poured Soap

Friday, September 9, 2011

2nd Saturdayz September 2011

We have been hunting, gathering and finding fun new things for the September 2ND Saturdayz. Come by Magnuson Park in Seattle from 8AM to 3PM September, 10th and check out the cool Vintage finds. The first 20 people through the door get a fun gift bag put together by JohnBob Cool Junk and this month Circle Creek Home added a bar of their Peppermint Tea Tree soap to the goodie bags. Hope to see you tomorrow!

John and Brenda

Monday, July 18, 2011

Farm to Fork Dinner on Fir Island

Fir Island is located in the beautiful Skagit Valley, a perfect setting for this amazing meal planned and prepared by Ryan Edwards and his assistant Mike of Table 9

Our Host's Erika and Vico of Snow Goose Produce have an amazing view from their amazing home.

The dinner was made with local ingredients harvested as close as possible to the Skagit Valley.

Guests arriving for the gathering........below right
is one of our Hosts Erika.

Ryan Edwards of Table 9 below harvesting fresh herbs for the meal...

and Mike below from Table 9 at his finest.

We sat down with strangers and by the end of the meal new friendships were formed.

The meal consisted of 5 courses, starting with a roasted gazpacho soup, bruchetta and white bean puree on baguette.....

followed by roasted fingerling potatos, calmari, green beans, egg garnished with dill and a nasturshum. Absolutely beautiful and the taste was incredible.

Pasta with sausage and a vodka cream sauce was a thrill to the senses.

Filet Mignon was the main course with fava beans and fresh carrots the tastes were bold and fresh, it was an incredible meal. 

Dessert was a banana muffin with fresh banana's and a cream sauce

A wonderful meal was enjoyed by all, great conversation and opportunity to talk with people doing amazing things and living their dream. Circle Creek Home plans to host one of the next dinners by Table 9. If you have a special occasion, birthday or just want to experience a Farm to Table Meal book a dinner with Table 9.  
Thank you so much to Ryan and Mike for a wonderful meal and experience!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Vintage at 2ndSaturdayz Urban Market

Looking for something to do on this gorgeous Saturday in the Pacific Northwest?????

Come check out 2ndSaturdayz Urban Market for some fresh vintage finds.......

Hope to see you there! J and B

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Salvaged Wood Coffee Table"

We have been busy here at Circle Creek Home building this fun custom coffee table. 

We found some wonderful vintage wood that was used for the table just last week and John transformed
it into a work of art! We can build any size, style and finish it just the way you like. This one was left natural with the perfect amount of chippy cream paint and wood showing through, takes years to achieve this look.

Add a vintage watering can, some lavender and sedum and you've got the perfect vintage look!

Let us know where you would use it in your house, thanks! 
John and Brenda

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage Mini Pie Tins Sweeten The Day!

We recently came across these vintage 1940's mini pie tins and couldn't wait to try them out. 

Easter Sunday was a perfect day to make these wild blackberry treats. We buy and sell a lot of vintage bakeware and use many pieces in our kitchen. Vintage bakeware is heavier and cooks everything more evenly, we love it. We have some of these wonderful pie tins for sale at R&R Square, 1234 First Street, Snohomish, Wa. in case you want to sweeten your day!

These mini blackberry pies tasted as spectacular as they look.........

Rolling out the dough......

Preparing the pie tins...................


Ready to go into the oven.........

 Piping hot out of the oven and ready to eat.
Each mini pie popped right out of the tins and into the bowls with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
 Didn't even have a chance to get a picture, they disappeared so fast!

 J & B


Friday, April 8, 2011

Fresh Vintage and Handmade at 2nd Saturdayz

Circle Creek will be in the house with fresh vintage finds and handmade. Don't miss the first Spring 2ndSaturdayz Show of 2011, it's going to be a good one. Here's a peak......

Galvanized chalkboard tags.......

Handmade reclaimed wood totes, some with red barn wood, some with white pickets and natural...

Vintage tins planted with sedum..........

Vintage flour sack towels and lots of hand poured soap.....

We'll have a cool heavy black iron table and chair set, industrial 4 shelf display rack, handmade reclaimed wood tables and vintage horse game wheel.

See you there, John and Brenda

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Building the Back Bar for Ruffles & Rust Square No. 2

We were planning on moving into our new space today at R & R Square but the snow just kept coming! We now have about 14 inches of snow and it's still snowing. Since we couldn't get up the driveway we decided to head up the to shop and build the new back bar for R & R Square.

First we picked out some nice boards for the top which were reclaimed bat and board siding, the wood for the frame was found in a barn over in Lakewood. We always use salvaged and reclaimed wood whenever possible to give each piece a one of a kind look.

Then we ran them through the planer.......

Next comes the frame and legs..............

Lots and lots of sanding, nailing and lag bolting to shore the frame up and make it nice and                   sturdy for all of those large purchases that will be made at R & R Square No. 2!

Then the tops are set in place and screwed down..........................

This amazing back bar is ready for delivery to R & R Square! Timi and Annie are going to decide how it will be finished, maybe just waxed or oiled or possibly painted. Thanks Tim and Annie for creating this one of a kind store for everyone to enjoy! We are so excited to be a part of it!

John and Brenda

Oh and in between sanding I managed to build a pussy willow wreath that will be in our space soon.