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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Night Village Run

WOW, it was Friday at last, the finish line of the work week for Brenda and I, we made it through another week at the j-o-b!
I said let's make it easy tonight and just have an Alfy's take and bake pizza, Brenda was on with that. We were all settled in and enjoying our pizza and fed the dogs when I said hey The Village is open until 9pm we should make a run! The Village is how we refer to Value Village a popular chain of thrift stores in the Western part of the US where many a fine treasure is found.

Brenda said "do you want to?" Oh Yeah, let's do it! If we got there by 8:15 we would have 45 minutes to scour the place for some groovy finds. We loaded up the hounds and hit the road and made it there right at 8:15. I grabbed my stash of coupons and in we went. We hit the housewares first and a precursory of the magazines and books then right into fabrics, blankets vintage American flags and on and on. We have found some great vintage hats lately but tonight it was a brand new 80 piece artist set of pens, colored pencils, oil pastels and watercolor paints, a cool curtain panel that will become a pillow cover and a couple of magazines.

Not the mother lode by any means but I did get to use a 20% off coupon that I had. The beauty of The Village is that every time you go to one there is always different new stuff there like you wouldn't believe and you never know when your going to find the perfect vintage find. The thrill of the hunt and enjoying your life is the key, so of course when The Village was closing at 9pm and we had to leave we promptly drove to the Dairy Queen for peanut buster parfaits. A short excursion with good memories, The Village tour is just getting under way and I hope to have many reports for you up and down the West Coast and beyond.