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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Building the Back Bar for Ruffles & Rust Square No. 2

We were planning on moving into our new space today at R & R Square but the snow just kept coming! We now have about 14 inches of snow and it's still snowing. Since we couldn't get up the driveway we decided to head up the to shop and build the new back bar for R & R Square.

First we picked out some nice boards for the top which were reclaimed bat and board siding, the wood for the frame was found in a barn over in Lakewood. We always use salvaged and reclaimed wood whenever possible to give each piece a one of a kind look.

Then we ran them through the planer.......

Next comes the frame and legs..............

Lots and lots of sanding, nailing and lag bolting to shore the frame up and make it nice and                   sturdy for all of those large purchases that will be made at R & R Square No. 2!

Then the tops are set in place and screwed down..........................

This amazing back bar is ready for delivery to R & R Square! Timi and Annie are going to decide how it will be finished, maybe just waxed or oiled or possibly painted. Thanks Tim and Annie for creating this one of a kind store for everyone to enjoy! We are so excited to be a part of it!

John and Brenda

Oh and in between sanding I managed to build a pussy willow wreath that will be in our space soon.


Annie said...

Who are the luckiest new shop owners around??? I think maybe Timi and me!! The table looks amazing and I cannot wait to see it. Thank you both for taking the time for us and also to be part of this great adventure..Hope the damn snow goes away so we can all get on with our busy schedules...see you Sunday

Melissa said...

Way to go you guys! Keep pushing forward. Think we are getting close to dinner here soon to talk.

Can't wait to see the new place and stay warm.

Don & Melissa

Sister Patty said...

That "backbar" is wonderful! Glad you two finally dug through the snow.