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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hunting for Treasure: ALWAYS!

So it was a lazy Saturday morning at Circle Creek we had some coffee and breakfast while watching the ducks do their morning float and a young deer was trying to cross but decided to turn back as the creek was up from the nights heavy rain. We were printing soap labels and stamping and wrapping bars of soap for a re-stock up at Reality a great Women's boutique in Conway, WA.

Conway was bustling with people as the tulip festival was starting, there were lots of motorcycles out on this sunny day. Once we were done there we were off in search for treasure a stop outside of Burlington produced three nice Ironstone china platters and the next place just down the road had some old enamelware tubs and a cool old typewriter.

We headed over to our friend Donna's place to watch a movie and she always comes through with some great finds, this time it was four old wood boxes, 7-UP and Pepsi. We did dig out an old grate and some other odds and ends out of her pile and oh a great free chair on the side of the road what a fabulous day of treasure hunting. I picked up the table at a thrift store on Friday. Watch for these groovy vintage items at our upcoming sales and at our Etsy shop.



carrie said...

I love reading about your adventures!