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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fresh Pour

We love making soap here at Circle Creek Home. We just poured Sweet Orange Clove and Just Tea Tree Soap, tomorrow we'll cut the blocks of soap into 24 bars which weigh approximately 6 ounces each. Then the bars will be on the drying rack and allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days to assure a quality longer lasting bar of soap.

We use the cold process method made from the finest oils in small batches, never from a base. Each batch is poured into wooden molds and takes approximately 24 hours to set up before cutting into bars. Handcrafted and hand cut by us every time! Right down to the label and wrapping of the bar, the soap bands were designed, printed, hand stamped and cut by us at Circle Creek Home.

The Sweet Orange Clove and Just Tea Tree will arrive in our shop in a few weeks but we have several other scents available now. You will find our shop at Circle Creek Home take a look, once you try a 100 % pure oil soap made from scratch you'll never go back!

John and Brenda


Cassie said...

Hello John and Brenda! You are the winners of the new Flea Market Style Magazine from the JunkFest girls! If you could please send SweetMelissa (check her profile) an email with your address, we'll get that out to you!
Thanks for sharing your comments....we hope you'll stop by often!

carrie said...

I can't wait to see/smell the new soap!